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We Are Prosperous is a movement dedicated to empowering women to achieve financial freedom. We want every woman to have access to the resources she needs in order to reach her full potential!

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Financial independence is something that everyone has the opportunity to achieve. We advocate on behalf of all young women to strive for economic success and prepare for a secure financial future. 

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Unlock your full potential and become financially independent!

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Celine has interviewed women with all kinds of jobs in the workforce, and you can watch them here!



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Our mission is to uplift, empower, and encourage women to strive for financial freedom and economic success by providing them with online resources and a clear path to prosperity. We believe that every woman has unlimited potential and the ability to create the life of her dreams. 

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Our success is your success! That’s why we’ve given you tons of free printables and resources that you can use including digital workbooks, online courses, and so much more! 

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Our Career Finder makes choosing the perfect job easy! All you have to do is browse through careers that interest you and find the perfect match!

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You can visit and rewatch interviews with Celine and other women as they share their success stories, and give you insights on what it’s like to be in the workforce.

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Hey, girl! My name is Celine Enke, and I created We Are Prosperous with a clear mission and purpose in mind: to empower women to achieve economic success. I truly believe that every young woman has the potential to become financially independent, regardless of her circumstances!



Guess what? You can watch interviews from incredible women as they share their secrets of succes as women in the workforce.

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Our resources include a self-discovery workbook and more soon! Check out our free resources. 

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Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? No worries! Feel free to take any of our online courses to help you out.


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